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Beyond the Moon Sea - 5x8" Paperback

Beyond the Moon Sea - 5x8" Paperback

The Practice of Power 2

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A rogue scholar defies his destiny and ventures into a forbidden, mythical land, on a perilous quest to unlock the ancient secrets of a lost empire's magic.


Infamous explorer, Kores Galtrin, is at a crossroads in life.

Once revered for his adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of knowledge, he is now viewed with suspicion by the academia that once celebrated him. 

The headmaster of his school gives him an ultimatum: retire honorably and settle into obscurity, or risk everything.

An enigmatic invitation from a mysterious lord provides an escape from the fate he fears. Hidden within the lord’s letter, he finds a map leading to the uncharted east, a continent forbidden to the masters of the school.

Vailassa, the land of his childhood dreams, is an intoxicating blend of dark power and mythical beings. Against his better judgment and coerced by the promise of unraveling the mysteries of an ancient Alcar portal, Kores embarks on a journey that promises to challenge his intellect, courage, and the very fabric of his existence.

Beyond the Moon Sea explores themes of power, the pursuit of knowledge, the cost of ambition, and the fundamental human need to understand the world around us. Packed with enthralling adventures, profound characters, and a richly imagined world, it's a journey that will leave readers questioning the nature of power and the lengths one would go to uncover hidden truths. 

Read the Practice of Power books as standalone novels or as a series of interwoven stories.

  • Publication date : August 31, 2022
  • Language : English
  • Print length : 548 pages
  • Binding : Paperback 5x8"

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