About me

Hey, welcome to my corner of the Internet!

I worked as a systems administrator and troubleshooter for many years while creating stories and worlds on the side. 

When I'm not creating, I enjoy watching shows like The Expanse and HoTD, all kinds of movies, and playing Warhammer Total War. And I can't forget playing ball with my Boston Terriers, Annie and Cooper.

I write speculative fantasy that delves into philosophical questions. My stories have political scheming and family squabbling, all with a backdrop of existential threat. The magic is pervasive and "soft", more focused on its effect on the cultures that use it.

I'm a renaissance indie. I enjoy making my own covers, art, designs, maps, you name it. Still, it takes time, study, hardware, software, and other resources to make something worthwhile.

Your support helps me know my work is valued and also helps finance these endeavors.

Give my stories a try. Several chapters are freely available for each book.


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