Where are my books available?

Although it benefits me most if you buy from my store, I publish to as many retailers and services as possible, including Overdrive/Libby for libraries.

I am migrating my first three books to a higher quality digital narration that will only be available on my store. All new books, starting with The Fifth Accord series will be produced with this superior narration. If you purchased a previous version, you will receive any new version at no charge.

ebook Digital narration audiobook* paperback hardback
marcelacarbo.com ✔️ ✔️ (best quality)


signed 6x9

6x9 case w/

dust jacket

www.youtube.com/@marcelaauthor ✔️
Amazon ✔️ removed*** 6x9

6x9 case

Google Play ✔️ ✔️
Apple ✔️ ✔️
Barnes & Noble ✔️ 6x9
Kobo ✔️
Baker & Taylor ✔️ 6x9
Overdrive/Libby** ✔️ 6x9
Hoopla ✔️
many others! ✔️ 6x9

*Audiobooks on the retailers are produced by their own digital narration tools. On my store they are either Google Play versions or produced by me using Elevenlabs.

**Ask your public library to purchase my books.

***Amazon's digital narration is not ready for fiction.


What is the maturity rating of your books?

I tend to write fairly clean in terms of language and sexual content. I write what best suits the character and story. You can expect violence and morally gray actions. Heroes and villains are not clearly marked.

The themes are intended for a mature audience and the stories tend to be more thoughtful than action-packed.