Beyond the Moon Sea: Maps and Appendices

Beyond the Moon Sea west map
Beyond the Moon Sea map
Beyond the Moon Sea map south vailassa

Beyond the Moon Sea map north vailassa

Notes taken from Forsin’s Encyclopedia, Rallun Academy, compiled and edited by Headmaster Ualek Forsin, 561-578.

Aela: Seloki name for Aelath, goddess of the wind or sky.

Aedris: Alcar name, unknown provenance.

Ahtu: Name or title of the Seloki elder who accepted Kores and his crew into his band’s tent.

Alcar: Founders of Saydolin and the Golden Empire, powerful artificers and benefactors of the New Dominion.

Aldin Hills: Location of mines belonging to the Forsin clan.

Andren Rokarn: First master of cartography, drew the map fresco on the Ulsic Schools’ main lecture hall ceiling.

Arms of the World: Two strips of land joining Saylassa and Vailassa. Location of several enormous defensive structures crafted by the Alcar.

Arnet: Prominent Berrich clan. See Shella Arnet, Headmaster of the Ulsic Schools from 532-533.

Atmun: Tribe living by an oasis on the edge of badlands in western Saylassa, rumored to have witnessed the separation of Rurlassa from Saylassa.

Badak: Tribe living on the western side of the Dragon’s Back mountains with origins in western Saylassa.

Barka: Sea god of the Duuni, Kanic, and others.

Beah: Prominent citizen of the Newdoms, circus owner.

Bedor: Largest moon with thirty-two day cycle.

Beloc Bay: Bay on the west side of the Straits

Berrich: Fourth member of the New Dominion.

Berrichdan: East Berrich Town, Seat of the Judges

Berrichdin: West Berrich Town, the lower seat, market town.

Birona: Large peninsula and region northeast of the Vel Plateau.

Bitik: Canori village located on the Dredda River of southwestern Saylassa.

blackrock: Name of a type of rock so black it reflects no light but appears to hold stars within it. Rumored to be the source of steel used in Mornae enchantments and weapons. Located throughout Vailassa but deemed most pure in the crater called Vaidolin. See Mornae.

Blue Bay: Deep bay of north Berrich, the right bay.

Blue Hall: Library built by Ranthe Ulsic of Alcar enchanted stone. Built in the shape of concentric circles.

bluetip: Small but highly vocal west Berrich bird.

Bredo: Town near Marston that produces lemon liqueur.

Bulek Nahran (the second): Grand Counselor of the Wedoni Confederation.

Canora: Sliver of land along the Dredda River in southwestern Saylassa.

Canori: Tribe dwelling in Canora.

Cascar: Peculiar tribe of northern Saylassa, which traverse the northern boundary of the waste as a ritual and cultural practice. Known for covering themselves in ash and painting a band of black char across their eyes.

Cassan: Second largest moon with a fifteen day cycle.

cliffhopper: Kind of horse used in western Nenelassa to climb the cliffs like a mountain goat.

dalich: Cascar word for spirit.

dalis (multiple languages): Spirit.

dalisin (multiple languages): Place where spirits gather, a holy place.

Dalmoth: Region north of Nenedolin and Ulsic, second member of the New Dominion, plagued by dust from Saylassa, location of the Disc Wall.

Dalway: Capital of Dalmoth, home of the Dalway Academy, a village.

Dehto Laspar: Student of the third cohort, Berrich tracker and hunter, known for having lost toes and fingers while traveling the far northern reaches of Saylassa.

Derro Vinson: Master of the sixth cohort, known for six missions into the Gray Waste, reached the western border of Saydolin. 

draka: Veikal word meaning cursed by a god.

Dredda: River bounding Canora and Wedoni lands.

Drywick: Village to the west of the Blue Bay where Berrich sea vessels are docked during the high tide season.

Duuni: Tribe living in the easternmost region of Nenelassa, purportedly related to giants and other tribes of Nenelassa like the Kanic. Possessing a mastery of the sea, they  served the New Dominion in their migration east.

Duuniland: Easternmost region of Nenelassa, a mountainous, sea-ravaged land of high cliffs.

ebana: Large antelope found in western Saylassa.

Edonna: Duuni women with power over the sea who facilitated the New Dominion’s migration east.

Edric’s Pass: Main mountain pass into Dalmoth from western Nenelassa.

Efo: Seloki beast god of small animals such as marmots and rabbits.

Elnor: Master of the second cohort, studied tribes of western Nenelassa.

Eslin: Berrich Judge of some note, later a warden of the Newdoms.

Folston: Town of central Ulsic, along the Low Road.

Gaila: Renowned master of the Botanical, produced the “Golden Seed” of wheat which saved Berrich from famine on numerous occasions, of the seventh cohort.

Fraine (of Redmark): Master of the Botanical who persisted in reviving the Gray Waste.

Galae: Tribe living on the western side of the Dragon’s Back mountains.

Gennis: Son of Master Jorna, an associate of the Botanical, perished in the Gray Waste.

Gess: Principal river of Berrichland.

Godi: Juula god of Spring.

Gusic: Tribe of western Nenelassa known for their death rituals.

Hain Paulik: Master artificer who tried to make globes and instead discovered how to make magnifying lenses and glasses.

Hanith: Kind of giant eagle, considered by some tribes to be a god

Hansa: Nomad tribe of northern Vailassa known for herding black haired yaks.

Havic: A tribe of western Nenelassa.

Henna’s Horns: A Berrich expression. Henna is an ancient Berrich fertility spirit represented by a cow.

Heth: A master of the second cohort who presented a lecture on the massive monuments guarding the Arms of the World.

Holm’s Dam: a structure in south Berrich that keeps the sea waters of the Marshlands from polluting upstream.

Horn of Worin: The Ulsinga’s primary constellation.

Hul: Capital of Oreno

Humdes: A village of southwest Berrich, near the Yollswood.

icor: A suffix for Alcar surnames, unknown meaning.

Ina Cane: A master linguist of the Ulsic Schools, seventh cohort.

jalo: The Paiha word for spiritual son, a person who accepts the guidance of a shaman.

Jelyak: A fishing village in the center of the Vel Plateau.

Jorna: A master of the Botanical, sixth cohort, famous for being anti-revivalist

judge: Title of a Berrich elder ruling a clan, later phased out in favor or regional lords.

Juula: An ancient tribe of north Saylassa, never joined the Dominion, resisted Alcar intrusion, follow Godi.

Kallenvo: A Juula shamanic title.

Kanic: A tribe of western Nenelassa.

katho: The Paiha word for spiritual father, a shaman.

Kaumani: A tribe of central Vailassa known to raid villages for slaves and act as a conduit for trade with the Dragonlands.

Kinari: A tribe of northwestern Saylassa living on lands perpetually devastated by volcanic activity.

Kores Galtrin: (B. 375 – D. 526?): An Ulsic Schools master of some note during the early years of the Schools, later died on a mission to northern Vailassa. See bibliography for extant works.

Ladin: A fourth cohort master, wrote the definitive treatise on the Shir.

Lionsbridge: Ulsic settlement at the bridge crossing into the remnant Alcar’s forest.

Liron: the name of one of Savra’s followers, a legendary warrior who first fought with a blacksteel weapon. See Song of the Kinslayer.

Lovan: The third largest moon

Lower Arm: The southern arm of the Arms of the World

Luthin: A river traversing the mountains west of Dalmoth

Lykola: A trading city of the Dragonlands, known for cotton.

Mahl: Alcar name of unknown provenance, impassible southern region of Oreno.

Malor: Nomad tribe living near the Arms of the World on the Vailassan side. See Malorman.

marshal: Ulsic title for a clan head, later replaced by a regional lord.

Marston: An independant city-state on the Nenelassa side of the Straits, primary trading link between east and west Nenelassa.

mattoo: Giant elk with impenetrable hide, roams central Vailassa in Seloki lands.

Melthas: The Warrior constellation of the southern hemisphere.

Midston: Central Ulsic town, home of the Schools, the first Ulsic academy.

Molthin Lennick: A second cohort master, wrote about the Duuni and Duuniland.

Mornae: A separatist group within the Alcar, later exiled themselves to northern Vailassa, pursued the most dangerous form of power: the Dark.

moshe den atto: Wedoni words meaning “men of the rings”, meaning unclear.

Mount Atrea: Location of Dalmothi initiation, overlooks the Straits.

Muur: A tribe of western nenelassa

Nahran: Prominent Wedoni clan.

nene: Alcar word meaning barrier or shield, sometimes hidden.

Nenedolin: Name given by some masters to an imaginary city in the forest where the remnant Alcar dwell, first member of the New Dominion.

Nenelassa: The southern continent, sometimes called the Wall.

Nepkar: A major river crossing the Newdoms.

Nerathi: A tribe of southeast Berrich that refused to join the New Dominion.

Nesso Filas: Master of the sixth cohort, wrote about Oreno.

Newdom: Someone living or born in the lands of the Vailassa ruled by the New Dominion. 

Nulathi: A tribe of western Saylassa.

Old One: Cascar word for the being they think created the waste, the Terror.

Olfeld: The most northwestern town in Dalmoth.

Oreno: The region inhabited by the Oreni, fifth member of the New Dominion.

Oslane: A master of the second cohort who specialized in ancient calendars.

Oturi: A nomad tribe of central Vailassa.

Padhock: A market town of central Ulsic on the Low Road.

Paiha: A nomad tribe of northern Vailassa known for herding black haired yaks.

Pala: A Seloki clan that migrated east from its path near the Arms of the World.

Peacelands: A narrow region between the News and the Seloki paths.

Piradolin: Ancient ruined city at the top of the bay separating the legs of lower Vailassa.

Powle: Prominent Berrich clan, member of headmasters’ councils for several decades.

Rallun: Southernmost settlement of the Vel,  seat of the New Dominion on Vailassa.

Ranthe Ulsic: Warlord of the Ulsinga (B.424 – D. 492), the Great Unifier. Joined his federation of tribes to the New Dominion and named it after himself.

rampa: Vailassan nomad word for someone taken with the madness of Vai.

Redmark: Fortress overlooking the southern pass into Ulsic from Berrich.

Rona Domel (Laspar): Member of the third cohort, respected steward, oversaw several missions to Northern Saylassa with Master Kores Galtrin, retired in 426.

Rorin Halstid: Master of the Commons, seventh cohort, history lecturer.

Sadti: Tribe of northwestern Vailassa.

Sakerton: Berrich town, easternmost port on the Fallow Sea.

Saudara: Tribe of southwestern Vailassa, northeast of Rallun, rumored to have Mornae heritage.

Savra: Alcar dissident, formed the Mornae and led them east.

Savra’s Chariot (or The Chariot): a constellation named for Savra, also called the Cart.

Saydolin: Ancient city-state of the Alcar, center of the Dominion before the Fall.

Sayin: Name for the sun but more accurately the magical power associated with it.

sayin otreda: Wedoni ritual words: Sayin returns.

sayin selada: Wedoni ritual words: Sayin departs

Sayintae: a title or name for someone that can use or store sayin, an Alcar.

Saylassa: Largest and central continent of the known world.

Seffer: Ulsic Marshal who assimilated the Yolls.

Selanathi: Tribe of western Nenelassa

Sherhom: Southernmost Berrich town, on the Gess River.

Shir: Tribe of central Berrich known to serve spirits of a golden beech forest, source of the finest paper and inks.

Shirhom: Central Berrich town, on the Gess River.

Shol: Spirit of the antler, a god of Vailassa associated with the mattoo, an mythical mattoo of great size.

Soff: Master of the first cohort, wrote one of the three books on the Alcar.

Solumma: Mountain range bordering Wedoni lands to the east.

spicewood: Tree of western Saylassa that has a crusty fungus growing on its bark. A hallucinogen with magical properties.

Sulk: Northern river bounding Nenedolin, the Alcar region of Nenelassa.

sunweaver: Vailassan flower with sayin properties, cures congestion among other things. Also used as a dye.

Suvae: Fourth largest consort moon, the Dark One. Barely visible, called “The Pebble” by some tribes.

Talbin: Prominent Ulsic clan, member of the headmaster’s council, later high council, later High Marshal of New Ulsic.

Taenen: Brightest star of the Horn of Worin.

Taudolin: Southernmost Vailassan city with Mornae presence.

taudryn: Mornae word for that part of Vai between light and dark, twilight, dusk,  in-between, undecided.

Teeth of Barka: Enormous stone stacks at the entrance to the Fallow Bay formed by the constant action of tidal waves from the South Ocean.

Teson: Only river of significance through Kinari lands, sacred

thaali: Juula word of respect for a shaman.

High Council: Ruling body of the New Dominion with representatives from all the members. Meets at Council Hall on Alcar land at the juncture of the Sulk and Wulgess.

Thekola: City of the south dragon bay, sister city of Lykola, source of purple and blue dye.

Thuran: Master who led three expeditions deep into the Gray Waste. See Derro Vinson.

Thuun: One of four major rivers running west to east through the News.

Toruk: Wedoni city-state, first of the Sunset Empire.

Ualek Forsin:  Master of the ninth cohort, founder of the Rallun Library, encyclopedist, rumored to posses the private journals of Master Kores Galtrin.

Ulfrar: Master of the second cohort who searched for the source of the Berrich ability to make pots that sweetened water

Ulsic: Third member of the New Dominion and its most vocal proponent.

Ulsinga: Main tribe of Ulsic, generic name for anyone from the area

Upper Arm: The northern Arm of the World.

Vai: Sixth moon with an unusual orbit. The goddess. Associated with the Dark.

vaidim: Mornae word for the consort moons.

Vaidolin: Blackrock crater of northeastern Vailassa, the homeland of the Mornae.

Vailassa: Eastern continent, third largest.

Vailesso: Mornae word for the Moon Sea.

vaizora: Mornae word for Vai’s dawning, zora meaning awakening, rebirth, birth.

vaizoren: Mornae word for Vai’s path across Vailassa, zoren meaning path, way, road, journey.

vanalo: Alcar and Mornae word for the god-touched.

Veikal: A lesser giant-kin.

Verdant Belt: That part of saylassa that was green year round with Saydolin at its center

warden: A title for a New Dominion lord charged with defending a region.

Wedoni: Prominent tribe of southwestern Saylassa, rumored to drink blood in their rituals, known for their health and longevity.

Wulgess: Ulsic river forming the border between Ulsic and Nenedolin.

Wulston: Westernmost town on Ulsic’s High Road, south of Council Hall.

Yalloc: The smallest consort moon, barely visible.

Yanti: Eastern Seloki clan.

Yolls: Tribe of southwest Berrich, a forest people with purported powers.

Yollswood: Forest home of the Yolls.