Collection: The Empty Vessel

In a dark fantasy landscape where the splintered houses of the once-great Mornae race vie for dominance amidst decaying power, three individuals find their fates intertwined.

 Taul, a gifted consort with the rare ability to coax life from desolate valleys, becomes entangled in his matron's affairs while his cherished orchards languish. Desperate to find his love an heiress after tragedy strikes, Taul embarks on a quest into Vaidolin's criminal underworld, guided by his mentor's cryptic counsel hinting at salvation tied to his forsaken gift.

Ren, a cunning thief forever in service to the High Matron's consort, seeks meaning and purpose in a heart calloused by years of treachery. As destiny offers him a fleeting glimpse of redemption, he must choose whether to seize the opportunity or be consumed by the shadows that have been his cloak.

Gishna, the ancient and decrepit high matron of Ilor'Hosmyr, orchestrates a desperate plan to preserve her barren bloodline, oblivious to the rot consuming the valley that threatens to shatter the delicate equilibrium of the crater.

As their paths converge, Taul, Ren, and Gishna are driven towards an inevitable collision, each bound by the desperate need to save their house or their very lives in this tale of power, sacrifice, and survival, where heroes are forged in the crucible of necessity.

The Empty Vessel - Marcela Carbo - Dark Epic Fantasy Books