Collection: Scions of Death

In the Dragonlands, where magic is persecuted by the mighty Azhal Empire, Feroh, an outcast born into a fugitive clan known for their destructive powers, dreams of escaping his cursed legacy.

However, when violence forces him onto a desperate path, Feroh is captured and enslaved by those who seek to exploit his latent abilities. Determined to reclaim his freedom and master his birthright, Feroh embarks on a journey that unveils the dark past of his clan and a looming threat rising in Za'al'dum, where an emerging faction embraces their gifts without restraint.

As Feroh grapples with the temptation of unfettered power and the desire to harness his knowledge for change, he must confront the haunting question of whether wielding magic's full potential requires unchecked destruction.

Scions of Death - Marcela Carbo - Dark Epic Fantasy Books