Collection: Fate's Long Shadow

In a world where giants and dark sorcery reign, Jassae, a Mornae woman cursed with uncontrollable magic, must navigate a treacherous landscape of ancient grudges and political machinations after her village is destroyed and she is enslaved in a foreign land.

Bestowed upon the chieftain's daughter and entangled in a sinister prophecy, Jassae must rise through the ranks to become a priestess of the Dark Goddess and the matron of her own house, mastering her wild magic and gathering allies to survive in a hostile land where betrayal lurks at every turn.

As the giants' conquest looms and the prophecy unfolds, Jassae dares to challenge the fate of nations, defying destiny and fighting to forge her own path in this gritty tale of dark fantasy.

Fate's Long Shadow - Marcela Carbo - Dark Epic Fantasy Books