Scions of Death Maps and Appendices

Scions of Death map

Information collected by Sinnin, Head Scribe, and stored in the high matron’s private library, Halkamas Citadel, Year of the Crown.

Achona – The Earth Gate, the world.

Achonai – a follower of Achona, a knight dedicated to Achona.

Alcar – the founders and people of Saydolin, sun practioners.

alcarine – the power in sun light.

An’ka’ish suralim – Xul prayer, “I am clothed in life.”

An’Xul – The blood descendants of Xulian.

Anela – A young woman of the Guhla clan, promised to Feroh.

Arcanaea – the magus mounts belonging to the league.

Arcanite league –

Azhal – the northern district of Ithaca, rebelled.

Badak – a nomad tribe of central Vailassa.

Bedor – the largest moon, 34 day cycle.

Beduneh – a festival day celebrating the rise of Bedun, a constellation favored in the Kolas.

Beloris – One of the three branches of An’Xul, second son of Xulian.

Bethrun – One of the Xulian executed by the Consul of Azhal.

boka – an enchanted blue steel made in Azhal.

Bokhal – Feroh’s village, a region of the muzzle.

Brathas – a special title among the shemoin, an exorcist.

Cassan – the second largest moon, 16 day cycle.

Chauk – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

chelai – the poets of Ithka, a caste of enchanters, drive the Ithkan dreamers.

Chelas Sordin

Daneh – An acolyte of the shemoin.

Danuh – A member of Feroh’s Bokhal clan.

Dragonlands – the region from the Spine Wings to the ocean.

Dranic – Feroh’s father, also one of the names recited in the litany of previous valmai.

drashik – a derogatory term for outsider.

Duleh – one of the shemoin’s elders and council members.

ebana – an antelope like creature common to Saylassa.

Ebbin – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

Elkhano – the region called the Dragon’s Tail, the pirate kingdoms.

Ethali – one of Feroh’s “aunties”.

Feroh – The scion of Sasnian, one of the three primary branches of the An’Xul.

Filoh – a member of the Bokhal clan who challenges Feroh’s father.

Galeh – A member of the Bokhal clan who was done away with.

genalo – humans without any sign of power.

Gerah – an elder of the shemoin who controls the testing chamber.

Godiac – the power of the Godians, associated with living things.

Guhla Sadar – the son of Guhla Wethin, a colleague of Feroh’s.

Guhla Wethin – one of the leaders of the Dyers Guild in Bokhal.

Haleh – One of the Xulian executed by the Consul of Azhal.

Harahn – a missing scion branch of the An’Xul, eldest son of Xulian.

Hulik – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

Ildur – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

Ithka – chief city of the Dragonlands, once ruler of all, location of the Water Gate.

Joruh – Feroh’s uncle, brother to Dranic.

Justicar – A title and position given to the Azhal executioners.

Kandah – the scion of An’Beloris.

Karal – a bridge city on the upper canal, conquered by Azhal.

Karth An’Godias – the Za’al peasant who rebelled against Ithka, father of the empress.

Kasseh – a shemoin instructor.

Kerrin – Feroh’s shemoin mentor.

Kola, Kolas – the southernmost region of the Dragonlands.

Kotho – the ancient light tower of Ithka.

krima – a seed used to make a scarlet dye.

Lamatha – Sadar’s betrothed.

Lonneh – An elder of the Bokhal clan who drives their dream.

magus mounts – the ruined remains of Uthkaea now populated by clans of mage-monks.

Malino – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

maltoi – the historians of Ithka, a caste of enchanters, drive the Ithkan dreamers.

Maltos Ketha – the lord who buys Hulik.

Meroh – the 13th Valmas, allegedly created a pattern of the most power An’Xul to “restart” the Alcar, destroyer of Saylassa.

Mother Tadra – Feroh’s stepmother.

Mount Fulaea – the largest mountain of the southern Dragonlands.

The Myriad – the city states on a large peninsula of the southern Silt Sea.

Nerah – the scion of Xulian, the 17th Valmas, the heir and heretic.

Ola – a death speaker who helps Feroh escape.

Palkas – the prime citizen of a region, Ruus.

Peraptis – the primary city of the Arcanaea.

Rilka – the foreman overseeing the dungeon captives.

Rokola – a region on the north side of the Lower Canal which seceded from Ithka to join the Kolasi Confederation.

Ruric – A shemoin instructor.

Ruthoh – Feroh’s fellow student and follower Nerah.

Ruus – an Ithkan coastal region bordering the Lower Canal on the verge of defecting to the Kolasi confederation.

sadu – a plant used by the Xul to induce altered states or accelerate their progress, a poison.

Sammel – One of Chelas Sordin’s captives.

Sasnian – One of the three main branches of An’Xul, third son of Xulian.

Saydolin – the ancient capital region of the Alcar, destroyed two cycles ago.

Saylassa – the central continent.

Selaya – Kerrin’s wife.

shemoin – the brotherhood of reformers seeking to find a way to revive their lineage but also live in harmony with the rest of the Dragonlands.

Sherku – the Leviathan constellation favored by sailors.

Shukra Sul – the Speakers for Life, the name of the shemoin’s temple and cult.

Shulak – a derogatory Ithkan word for anyone showing signs of being Xulian.

Shuleh – the shemoin’s subprior.

Silt Sea – the sea linking all the major regions of the Dragonlands.

Solkah – Feroh’s fellow student and follower Nerah.

Sordin – a ruling Ithkan faction.

Tanic –  one of the names recited in the litany of previous valmai.

Tanor – One of the young men of the Bokhal clan.

Telokan – the ancient word for the Water Gate.

telokas – adherents to the water cult.

Thulic – a shemoin instructor.

Thulis An’Uthkaea – Dawn of Uthkaea, the Za’al empresses title.

Thura – A sailor’s name for the old sea god, called by other people’s Barka.

Toki – a sailor on the smuggler’s vessel.

Undusha – a secret cult of cat worshippers with moving sanctuaries, know it by the eyes of their sentinels.

Uthkaea – the ancient city empire that once occupied the Silt Sea.

valmas – the most powerful living An’Xul, the bonder.

valmasin – the lesser valmai, who possess some power at bonding, used by the Mornae for selective breeding before the Fall of Saylassa.

vanalo – humans with any sign of power.

Vanic An’Falru – Shemoin Prior and first high priest of the new cult.

Vetha Kin’Kordas – the chief auctioneer of all Ithka.

Vetru – an ancient spirit residing within relics found by Azhal peasants.

veyshu – a word meaning evil spirit.

Xuliac – the power of death, opposing power to godiac.

Xulian – the first vanalo to encounter the death power.

yuufa – a black fungus smoked in the Dragonlands, sometimes used to identify xulians.

Za’al – the bulk of the Dragon’s tail, once a land of active volcanos, Uthkaea’s tomb district.

Za’al’dum – the land of tombs.

Zekaj – a large island in the south silt sea near the Shadow Gate.

Zo’Athal – the largest port of Za’al, near the empress’s palace and the Death Gate.