Fate's Long Shadow Map and Appendices

Fate's Long Shadow map

From the Compendium of Knowledge compiled by the 17th Conclave under the direction of Silthan na’Roturra. 

* * *

Persons of note in the rise of the Baikal chieftain, Syral of the Zelaugr.


Jassae: Born of Lor’Nadurra’s exiled matron <the name is scratched out>, captured by the Baikal as a child, the goddess-relic of Syral Zelaugr.

Nevaun: Born of Lor’Kisvir, consort to Jassae Lor’Nadurra, Fennir’s thrall, exiled during the fourth purge.


Hendar: Black Boar, later a shaman of some note.

Raurim: Shaman of the Hill who witnessed Jassae’s oracle.

Rigir: Shaman of the Hill who witnessed Syral take power.

Trosgan: Black Wolf Chief, Syral’s father.

Syral: Daughter of Trosgan, Yorl’s twin, Chief of Chiefs and Mother of Many.

Yorl: Son of Trosgan, Syral’s twin.

Timoth: Black Wolf, Syral’s pledge.

Fain: Black Wolf, Syral’s pledge

Womtha: Black Wolf, Syral’s pledge.

Hiltham: Red Boar, Syral’s pledge and lover,  later rebel against Zelaugr rule.


Loga: The head Veikal woman of Syral’s household.

Dormu: Member of Syral’s household, later betrayed her to the Yellows.

Vilki: Member of Syral’s household, befriended Jassae, died from injuries sustained during the Reds’ uprising.

Malgog: Veikal hunter, Jassae’s guard.

Tonn: Veikal hunter, Jassae’s guard.


Mari: An Ithkan killed by Yorl’s supporters, friend to Jassae, a historian sold into slavery by her own people for political reasons.

Thuka: a middle-aged woman from the region between the Dragon Mountains and the Moon Sea. One of the two slaves that first befriend Jassae. 

Chana: Dragon Lands slave, bought from southern Baikal by Jassae.

Noreh: Dragon Lands slave, bought from southern Baikal by Jassae.

* * *

Mornae and Baikal terms in use during the Baikal’s sixth war of unification.

aela: short name for aelaku

aelaku: breath of aela

Aelath: Baikal goddess of the air, wind, the in-between space.

Barka: Baikal god of the sea, storms, and often weather.

dreka: Baikal insult for the lowest of all possible things.

draka: Baikal word meaning cursed.

kith: Mornae word for blackrock.

kithaun: Mornae word for blacksteel, an enchanted metal crafted from blackrock ore.

vaizora: Mornae word for the goddess’s dawning.

vaizoren: Mornae word for the goddess’s path across the world.