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The Practice of Power

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"EXTREMELY impressed with this book. I was not expecting the masterful world building, epic and poetic tone, and weighty themes. Highly recommend if you like dark, powerful writing."

–a reader

Eerie gray dust drifts across lands once lush and alive, serving as an unending testament to a catastrophic past. On the peripheries of this fractured realm, societies grapple with their downfall, striving to prevent a regression from the zenith of their once-mighty power.

Book 1: Fate's Long Shadow 

Captive in a land of raging giants, Jassae struggles under the burden of her uncontrolled magic and her mother's chilling legacy. But when she reads the oracle bones one fateful night, Jassae sets in motion events that will determine the course of her life.

Can she find a way to put her new master on the chieftain's throne or will she be crushed underfoot?

Book 2: Beyond the Moon Sea

Infamous explorer, Kores Galtrin, is at a crossroads in life.

Once revered for his adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of knowledge, he is now viewed with suspicion by the academia that once celebrated him. The headmaster of his school gives him an ultimatum: retire honorably and settle into obscurity, or risk everything.

But Kores has other plans that will lead him into the fabled east... a land ruled by the Dark Goddess. He may return alive but he will never return the same.

Book 3: Scions of Death

When violence forces Feroh onto a desperate path, his hopes of sanctuary lead only to slavery. Captured by those who hunger for his latent power, Feroh becomes an unwilling harbinger of chaos. Yet as chains bind his magic, an unyielding spirit stirs.

His journey unveils shadows of his clan’s dark past and a looming new threat rising in Za’al’dum, the land of a thousand tombs.

Will he unleash the same power that destroyed the golden empire?


Guardian of the Waste - A short story.

The Gray Waste is home to a singular terror...

Weelo is a newly anointed priest charged with patrolling the border between the living and the... unliving. Join him as he faces the many perils of his profession.

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