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Scions of Death - Hardback

Scions of Death - Hardback

The Practice of Power 3

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An ancient force threatens to devastate the world... again

Feroh hails from a feared and fugitive clan, notorious for their destructive powers. Tucked away in a remote village, he harbors a fervent desire to integrate into the empire of Azhal, and to join the cause of liberation sweeping through the Dragonlands.

But he is also tormented by dreams of an ashen wasteland and echoes of his clan's once-lauded past, all the while remaining ignorant of the steep toll his forebears paid for their dominion.

When the might of Azhal ruthlessly persecutes those like him, Feroh embarks onto a desperate path—one that leads him into the heart of the very land his father had once abandoned. Trusting his stepmother's assurance of sanctuary, he is instead captured and enslaved by those hungering for his latent power.

As the chains of servitude bind him and the shadow of his clan's notorious powers looms large, Feroh becomes an unwilling instrument of chaos and destruction. Yet, beneath the despair and subjugation, an unyielding spirit stirs. He pledges to not only reclaim his freedom but also to wrest control of his inherent power from those who seek to exploit it.

His journey carves a trail across the breadth of the land, awakening him to the specters of his past and the fate hanging over his clan. For in the Deep South, in Za'al'dum, land of a thousand tombs, a new power is rising. There, they do not shy away from their gifts. There they are ready and willing to obliterate what does not fit their plan.

Feroh stands at a crossroads, torn between embracing the path of destruction or harnessing his newfound knowledge as a catalyst for change. As the boundaries blur between these opposing forces, the line between salvation and ruin becomes increasingly elusive.

Join him as he confronts the question haunting his soul: What if knowledge and destruction are inextricably intertwined?

Claim your copy of this mesmerizing dark fantasy novel now. Read it as a standalone story or as a part of a trilogy of related stories.

  • Publication date ? : ? July 31, 2023
  • Language ? : ? English
  • Binding: hardcover, dust jacket, and two color images.
  • Print length ? : ? 406 pages

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